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Alcohol and Substance Abuse

One of the many tasks a parent must fulfill to his child is to become a good role model. Each father and mother should exude such positive traits to inspire the child to do the same and even better. However, due to vices like alcohol and substance abuse, we are unable to fulfill this fragile responsibility. In times where child custody is no longer awarded to you, Stewart Professional Monitoring Network can become a bridge for you and your child’s safe, conducive, and happy meeting.

Among the several services Stewart Professional Monitoring Network can offer you are the following but not limited to:

  • Physical off-site visits which can be:
    1. Hourly
    2. Overnight
    3. Longer visits may be contracted depending on the request of the client.
  • Virtual monitoring which can be via:
    1. Skype
    2. Telephone
  • Home assessment to check if appropriate for the child’s continued visit.
  • Creation of detailed and/or summary reports of the conducted visit.
  • Prevention of any alcohol and substance abuse when the child is around.
  • Comprehensive reminders on the rules and regulations of the granted visiting order.
  • Hands-on supervision on how parents should handle awkwardness and other social or communication issues with the child.
  • Other miscellaneous services deemed necessary for the execution of an alcohol and drug abuse-free monitoring.

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