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Stewart Professional Monitoring Network understands that your client has chosen us in order to provide supervised visitation monitors for you case. All of our monitors are fair and unbiased in order to meet the standards of the California rules of court section 5.20 of the judicial administrative standards; Uniform Standards of Practice for Providers of Supervised Visitation.

We have a disciplinary and complain section that handles any monitors that we feel do not meet up to our standards. We continue to update and train our monitors on the latest innovations in the supervised visitation industry. We utilize off-duty and retired police officers and other trained professionals. With our training and experience as law enforcement officers in handling all types of situations and cases, we provide the best supervised visitation monitors available in the field today.

Our Protocol:

  • After being contacted, we ask for any documents, court orders, etc. That is relevant to the case.
  • Contact information of the parties involved.
  • We then contact the parties and set up an intake interview.
  • After the interview, we set up the days and times of the visits as ordered by the court.
  • The appropriate monitor is then chosen for the case.
  • The monitor contacts the parties to introduce themselves and to obtain any additional information that may be necessary for the visit.
  • The visit is then conducted on the appropriate dates and times.

Communication with the Monitor:

  • If an attorney requests to speak with the monitor, he or she must first contact the agency.
  • If an attorney wants to speak to a monitor, a conference call will be arranged between the monitor and the attorney so there will be no appearance of bias.


Reports are prepared after the visit. These reports are based on the facts on what occurred during the visit only. They are for the court’s use. The parties or their attorneys may request copies of the reports. Please allow five days to email the reports.


Proper subpoena protocol must be followed when requesting that a monitor appear in the court for their testimony. A fee will be due for any court appearances.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at 310-350-5688. We thank for your time and kind consideration.