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“Childnapping” is a slang originating from two root words, child and kidnapping. Essentially, it is the taking of a child by a person who has no custody over the former. At the end of many marriages, some parents resort to childnapping to gain full control over the child’s liberty.

Stewart Professional Monitoring Network believes that prevention is better than cure. To avoid hideous crimes such as child kidnapping, the government implements visitation so that parents obtain reasonable opportunity to bond with their child and fix up existing issues. With the best interest of the child in mind, our team seeks to deliver the following perks:

  1. Comprehensive parent orientation.
    Before the visitation to commence, the assigned monitor will de-brief the parent. He or she will be told of his responsibilities towards the child. A warning will also be given that in case a violation of the visiting order is committed, such parent’s rights may be cut off.
  2. Highly supervised interactions with the child.
    Though allowed to be with their child, visiting parents need to restrain on some actions. Unless otherwise the order permits, he cannot take the child to other places.
  3. Other miscellaneous services.
    Services like documentation may be requested.

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