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Court Ordered Supervised Phone Calls

Every phone call counts. We realize how deep is your yearning to hear your child’s voice and to communicate with them. For that reason, it is best if you become compliant with every word of the visiting order and do nothing to violate it.

Having a supervising monitor during your calls serves two critical purposes. One, the monitor serves as your witness and later will issue a report. Two, he may guide you on the proper things to say and do during the call. Speaking of guidance, here are five things you must be wary about during court ordered supervised phone calls:

  1. Decorum
    Speak in a language and tone sensitive to your child’s feelings. Be positive and compassionate. Refrain from showing signs of aggravation if they are not participative in the conversation.
  2. Profanity
    Refrain from using bad words. This will be properly noted by the deployed monitors. Every phone call is a chance for you to redeem yourself not the other way around.
  3. Name-calling
    Never call your child “sissy”, “loser”, “twerp” or other similar names. This can mentally, emotionally, and psychologically hurt them.
  4. Conspiracy
    If you are attempting to conspire with your child about sneaking out or doing something else, stop. This will score you negative points and may cause you to lose your limited rights.
  5. Brainwashing
    Destroying the image of the custodial parent is prohibited. Talk about other topics instead.

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