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Department of Children and Family Service Cases

The Department of Children and Family Services is a government agency of the federal state which handles cases involving child care, custody, foster care, and adoption. It is primarily built to secure that children all over America are secure, well-nourished, and loved. This department, upon resolving the cases before it, thinks of the best interest of the child. Always, the child shall be afforded utmost protection and shall not be subjected to any sort of danger.

Stewart Professional Monitoring Network specializes on visitations involving these cases. We seek to provide neutral surveillance in your long awaited meet with your child. We shall also make sure that the custodial parent shall in no way interfere with the activity.

With a promise of a fulfilling and joyous reunion with your child, you can expect our monitors to be:

  • Unbiased and independent: What we uphold is neutrality.
  • Professional: Neither the parent nor the child’s rights shall be violated.
  • Knowledgeable: Our monitors have undergone competitive training and seminars to be well-versed in the demands of the work.
  • Dedicated: Our deployed monitor shall be with you all the way.
  • Keen: They are trained to be vigilant to any possible abuses to the child, regardless of the gravity.
  • Transparent: You will be oriented of the things you can and cannot do; the corresponding sanctions too should you commit violations.
  • Punctual: We do not tolerate tardiness and procrastination.

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