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High Conflict Cases

A high-conflict case exists when one or both of the parents continue to lash against each other about their marital differences to which consequently the children’s interests are impaired. A significant number of divorces are categorized as high-conflict cases. The war on custody continues to confuse and tear the child in the middle.

This kind of situation is dire, but why entrust the same with Stewart Professional Monitoring Network? Since actions speak louder than words, allow our selections of services justify our worth for you:

  1. Full protection of the rights of the child.
    Despite serving our clients, we will never put a child’s interest and safety at risk.
  2. Enjoyment of a peaceful visitation.
    In all matters within our reach, we shall preserve a calm and conducive environment for the parent-child interaction to occur.
  3. Enforcement of parental rights.
    No rights of a non-custodial parent under the order shall be diminished.
  4. Protection against illegal acts of custodial parents.
    For custodial parents to cut the visiting rights of the non-custodial parents, proper legal processes must be undergone.

We have been supervising visitations for more than 20 years now. This proves our undying commitment and faith towards our clients. To know how else we can help you, you may set an appointment with us. Our office is located at 6709 La Tijera Boulevard, Suite 612, Los Angeles, California 90045.