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Sexual Abuse and Molestation

Stewart Professional Monitoring Network caters cases involving sexual abuse and molestation because we believe that the integral bond between a parent and a child is non-erasable. We seek to pursue hope and deliver change for the benefit of both parties.

A parent’s love for his child should outdo whatever mistakes that are committed in the past. Instead of crying over spilled milk, take the initiative and contribute to the betterment of your child’s life. Gather all your strength, bravery, and faith to be a new person and gain your child’s approval.

In getting our services, you can expect the following:

  1. Off-site visits.
    Our experienced and well-trained monitors will be the overseer of the joyous reunion you will have with your child. To suit your needs, we can arrange hourly and daily visits. Travel visits can also be made upon the special requests of the client.
  2. Home assessment.
    It is our prime duty to secure that the home or places the child would stay to during the meeting is secure, tranquil, and free from any hazardous elements.
  3. Sexual abuse watch.
    Under our watch, no forms of sexual abuse and related abuses shall be inflicted on the child. If certain circumstances are inevitable, appropriate actions shall be automatically made.

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